Initial stages saw a number of investigations centred around a visual database to form a navigational system exploring the notions of mapping the map, the meta-map moving away from the hierarchy implied by the textual list. These were mainly sketch book based with elements of the investigations being worked up to a more professional standard testing their possibilities.

This stage saw a number of investigations that centred around map construction this would allow the artifact to extend an understanding of the function, design process
and semiotics of the map. Two of these projects are based around my production of the map artifact and one is an experiment using students providing an insight into the conceptualisation of ideas and media used by creative individuals to solve the problem of mapping a journey.

This stage saw a number of investigations that centred around map attributes exploring  visual conventions, spatial and directional information, deconstruction and dysfunction to test how far a map can be broken down before it fails to function and what the disunity of its component parts reveal. These projects also allow an investigation into map imagery and its use to engage a number of various audiences and enhance their experience of textual and visual information through the medium of artist book, and presentation software. The projects were produced using the attributes to extend the notion and promotion of an empathy of  ‘mapness’, to rethink the extent of map and its possibilities and to test the transference of the map from memory to hand and paper.