Mapping a Journey  

This book shows examples of maps produced by Illustration students to examine the design factors which reveal the mystery of artistic and design expression to communicate the notion of mapness.

In order to investigate what others might employ to give authenticity to the route of a journey I undertook 'Mapping a Journey'. My intention was to purposefully create a situation where design aware individuals would need to call upon their repository of acquired characteristics for visual conveyance of an illustration of journey. What conventions would they evoke, which may they break and what might they invent. Would indeed map archetypes become evident in their need to express a very human necessity, getting from A to B?

Artist book: Length 210 mm, Width 150mm, Depth 10mm. Spiral bound book. 26 pages on 90gsm paper with glossy covers.
Edition of 30. Littlehampton, May 2007

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