Remembering Home  

What do we expose when we ask people to draw the outline of the country they live in and also ask them to mark the location of 3 cities: London, Birmingham & (the city in which the exercise is being delivered) Portsmouth? It is a shape that they have seen numerous times through cultural, political, historical and geographical information. How well would they be able to visualise the outline? With a sense of humour as an underlying theme a selection of these can be viewed in this book evidencing that some: incorporate map conventions, others, that local knowledge is disproportionate,
a large proportion of the map is made up, some do not fit on the page and then there are those that give good spatial information and you may get from A to B with them.

Five categories of hand-drawn maps were identified and shown in the book:
1 Disproportioned
2 Non-Aligned
3 Acurate
4 Imaginative
5 Narrative

Artist book: Length 210 mm, Width 150mm, Depth 10mm. Spiral bound book. 22 pages on 90gsm paper with matte photorag covers.
Edition of 30. Littlehampton, May 2007


Examples of the Maps